Where are YOU Headed?

The Where are YOU Headed? campaign was designed with the goal to educate students, parents and our community and plant the seed of the tremendous importance of something as fundamental as attending school every day.
The concept has evolved and expanded to become the foundation and framework for a variety of dropout prevention programs across the district. We believe that school attendance is the single most important factor in school success. If our children are not in school — they cannot learn!

We must educate our students of the opportunities they will have if they attend school every day and graduate and also the very real negative possibilities if they head in the wrong direction and make the decision not to attend school and to drop out.

Research proves that students who drop out are at higher risk for incarceration, homelessness, and drug abuse. It seems very simple but the fact is that there are hundreds of children who are not in school in New Bedford EVERY DAY.

For More Information Contact: Heather Larkin
Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
508.997.4511 Ext. 3278 hlarkin@newbedfordschools.org
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