If you live locally, you can go to New Bedford High School, 230 Hathaway Blvd., New Bedford, MA 02740, the main office, in the administrative suite, from 7:15 to 2:30, M-F. There you will sign a release form for your request. If you do not live locally or can't come during business hours, you can send a request to the above address, Attn: Main Office Transcripts, or fax your request to 508-984-0762. In this request please include the following information: Name (maiden name if applicable), Date of Birth, Year of Graduation (day school or night school), and the name and address of the school or business that you need the transcript sent to. If you would like a transcript sent to your home address it will be an unofficial transcript. Please include your signature in this request. There is a forty-nine (50) cent charge for each transcript sent.

The above information also applies to a letter verifying graduation, except for the fact that an official letter of graduation (with the school raised seal) can be sent to your home.