The Science curriculum encourages students to participate in projects, complete investigations, and design challenges that help them think like scientists. All students in grades Preschool through Grade 12 learn about Inquiry as a way of solving complex problems. At appropriate grade levels, students learn about:

Throughout their studies, students learn to use their intuitive, investigative, problem solving, and communication skills in collaboration and connection with other subjects, especially mathematices, to answer "real world" questions.

The following links provide access to information that may be helpful to parents and students in their quest to become scientific thinkers.

Physical Science

Sound and Noise
The ABC's of Nuclear Science
Hunkin's Experiments
Sport Science
Frankenstein's Lightening Lab

Life Science

Learn about Recycling
Endangered Species
Cool Science for Kids
Life Science Resources

Earth & Space Science


Earth Science World
NASA for Kids
Water Science
Amazing Space
Mineral Games
Dinosaur Floor
Sea and sky

People & Science


Learn from the Past
The Wright Experience
History of Calculators
The Time Warp
The Galileo Project
I Was Wondering

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