Mitosis - Good Animated movie/tutorial using Shockwave.

Mitosis- Excellent, easy to read.  Describes limits on cell size and what happens when limit is reached.  Provides actual pictures of cells and explanations of each phase of Mitosis and Cytokenesis.

Phases of Mitosis and Cell Cycle -shows actual slides of cells and short descriptions of changes that take place at each phase

Mitosis Animation  - This site allows students to view an interactive animation of the mitotic stages and understand how mitosis fits into a cell's overall life cycle.

Online Onion Root Tips  -University of Arizona – The Biology Project – Cell Biology – Determining time spent in different phases of  Mitosis and the Cell Cycle. Good pictures and simplified descriptions.

Biology 1110 Laboratory Mitosis -  Excellent presentation of mitosis at high school level. Can obtain pictures of plant and animal cells undergoing each phase. 

Mitosis Review

Cell Division and Mitosis

Mitosis Animations

Stages of Mitosis

Stages of Mitosis

Mitosis Movie

Additional Mitosis Links

Biology 1110 Laboratory Meiosis  Excellent description of meiosis and changes that occur during each phase; no pictures.

Simplified Meiosis Animation  - Provides an excellent animated gif format of a cell passing through phase of meiosis– accompanied by simple descriptions of changes

Meiosis Summary  - Think Quest – Cellular Biology – provides pictures and summary of Meiosis I and II.

Meiosis - Learn about Meiosis on the  Designer Genes Home page.

Mitosis vs. Meiosis - Molecular Biology Notebook: Workshop-comparing mitosis and meiosis; uses diagrams and asks questions along the way.

Mitosis / Meiosis Lab  - The purpose of this lab is to explore the division of cells via mitosis or meiosis.  Students are asked to identify stages of mitosis using slides of actual cells.

Mitosis vs. Meiosis  - Access Excellence - Diagram comparing mitosis and meiosis

Mitosis / Meiosis Cell cycle - Powerpoint presentation. Contains  good, easy to understand descriptions of mitosis and meiosis.

Animations on Mitosis and Meiosis  Simple but effective

The Mother of All Cells - article by Peter Redetsky (from Discover Magazine, March 1995) Stem cells, found in bone marrow, are the source from which all our red blood cells, white cells and platelets are constantly produced.  Until recently, no one was able to get them to grow and divide outside the body.  The rewards and applications of successful stem cell growth in vitro are phenomenal. Read about it here!

Understanding Meiosis and comparing it to Mitosis TrackStar - This Track, will help students to understand vocabulary related to the cell division processes. They will be able to describe the changes that takes place in an animal cell during Meiosis I and II. They will recognize the significance of Meiosis in the formation of gametes. In conclusion, they will be able to compare and contrast Mitosis and Meiosis in an animal cell.

Biology Corner Mitosis /Meiosis

Access Excellence – Meiosis Graphics

Meiosis- Cell Biology

Meiosis Tutorial

Meiosis Animation

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