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Theory of Action

We believe that if there is a clear focus on the effective delivery of an aligned curriculum by high quality teachers who employ the use of student data to drive instruction, students will be engaged, learn at proficient and advanced levels, graduate, and be college and career ready.

Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to developing a community of learners who are academically proficient, demonstrate strong character and exhibit self confidence.

As whalers’ oil provided light to the world, so shall New Bedford students shine with academic excellence.

School Improvement Plans (SIP)

Ashley ElementaryAshley 2013
Brooks ElementaryBrooks 2013
Campbell ElementaryCampbell 2013
Carney AcademyCarney 2013
Congdon ElementaryCongdon 2013
DeValles ElementaryDevalles 2013
Gomes ElementaryGomes 2013
Hannigan ElementaryHannigan 2013
Hathaway ElementaryHathaway 2013
Hayden McFadden ElementaryHayden McFadden
School Redesign Plan
Kempton ElementaryKempton 2013
Lincoln ElementaryLincoln 2013
Pacheco ElementaryPacheco 2013
Parker ElementaryParker 2013
Pulaski ElementaryPulaski 2013
Renaissance School for the ArtsRenaissance 2013
Rodman ElementaryRodman 2013
Swift ElementarySwift 2013
Taylor ElementaryTaylor 2013
Winslow ElementaryWinslow 2013
Keith MiddleKeith 2013
Normandin MiddleNormandin 2013
Roosevelt MiddleRoosevelt 2013
New Bedford High SchoolNBHS 2013
Trinity Day AcademyTrinity 2013
Whaling CityWhaling 2013
Whaling CityParenting Teens 2013