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Newsletter of the New Bedford Educators' Association March 1998

New Bedford Educators'

Jean Duval

Ist Vice President
Marjorie Costa

Vice Presidents
Jane Walcott, Unit A
Robert Millette, Unit B
Lucille Kolbeck, Unit C

Louise Coggeshall


Tony Avakian

Kevin Cadieux

Susan Dupuis

Shirley Fortes

Charles Francis

Robert Francis

Walter Gouveia

Gloria Healey

Kris Hebert

Ruth Letourneau

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Virginia Sheehan

Doreen Silva

Jackie Smith

Mary Lou Tavares

Conrad Thibeault

Ron Vaz

Frances Winterson

NbEA Office Hours

Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 5:00

160 William Street

New Bedford, MA 02740

Tel: (508) 984-4441

(Answering machine on at lunch)

Office Manager: Heidi Sirois

president's message
Air pollution: more than just smog

We've all groaned at the joke, "What happens when the smog clears over Los Angeles?" "UCLA." This image is the one we commonly think of when people talk about air pollution. However, air pollution is not restricted to the outdoor environment. In fact, indoor air pollutants may be two to five times higher, and occasionally more than 100 times higher than outdoor air pollutant levels. As public buildings across the country grow older, IAQ or Indoor Air Quality is a mounting concern to companies, schools, workers and

students, as well as government and health officials.

Unfortunately, some newer structures are also falling victim to air quality deficiencies. During the 1970's, the nation focused on energy conservation. Many buildings were constructed to be air tight, reducing the volume of fresh air to save on heating and cooling costs.

Schools may have as many as four times the number of occupants as offices with the same amount of floor space. As school enrollment increased, many older buildings were unable to handle the influx. Often, additions arc made to buildings with makeshift ventilation. Also, spaces that were never intended for habitation, such as storage rooms, have been converted into classrooms. (See president's message page 2)

the Nurse's office
Curbing respiratory infection

Although spring is just around the comer, upper respiratory tract diseases still plague us. Colds, fevers, coughs and congestion, all caused by viruses, can be treated at home with fluids to drink and salt water to gargle. Also, salt water nasal sprays and over-the- counter cough and cold remedies are available at pharmacies.
To reduce fever in children, always use a non-aspirin product since aspirin can cause the potentially deadly disease, Reye's Syndrome. Of course antibiotics, which only kill bacteria and parasites, are useless against viruses. Your doctor or pharmacist can advise you as to a proper preparation.

(See the nurse's office page 3)

what's inside
Diagnosing IAQ problems
IAQ Web sites ...

Contract updates
Dental cancellation procedures noted ....
nbea scholarship information and policy . .

If you are interested in reading more about indoor air quality, check out these informative web sites:

This environmentally conscious site may also be accessed via the envirocenter home page at www.envirocenter.com. Envirovillage.com has an extensive library containing more than 500 documents including professional papers and case studies regarding indoor air quality in general and as it pertains to the school environment.

Do you feel strongly about a particular issue of interest to NBEA members? Perhaps you have some information to help NBEA members? Would you like to know more about a specific NBEA issue? Would you like to see your NBEA article in print?
Please submit your ideas and articles to one of the following addresses:

Interschool Mail

Monique Frechette

c/o NBEA



Ask the investment


Each issue of the nbea educator will feature an investment question. If you have a question you would like answered, submit it to the nbea office. Donna Torres of Securities America, Inc., member NASD, SIPC will answer your question in the following newsletter.

A 403(b) is a special program designed to provide an incentive to save for retirement. Solely for employees of educational institutions and certain non-profit organizations, it allows the amounts employees contribute to the program to be currently excluded from gross income for tax purposes and to be invested in financial vehicles. Expressly granted by Congress under 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, this plan is known by a variety of names: Tax- Sheltered Annuity or TSA, Tax-Deferred Annuity or TDA, 403(b) or 403(b)(7) Custodial Account.
A 403(b) program allows you to make contributions with pretax dollars. To participate in the program, you must enter into a salary reduction arrangement with your employer. Your gross pay will then be reduced by the amount of your contributions. The government is allowing you to save now for your retirement in two ways: 1. You get an immediate tax break because federal income tax is determined on your reduced salary, and 2. The earnings on your invested contributions grow tax-deferred.

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Rule of 90 update
The Legislature's Public Service Committee was unable to release their proposal on March 11. They do expect to release the proposal at the beginning of April. We'll keep you updated.
March 1998

the nurse's office cont'd
A high fever (10 1 * in adults/102 * in children), severe sinus pain, stiff neck or long- lasting symptoms may signal a serious infection. Common sense also plays a role in telling if an infection is serious, such as glazed eyes or severe rash. Again, consult or see your doctor.

Don't press for antibiotics against your health care provider's advice or take old antibiotics you may have on hand. Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics if taken too often. Bacteria also resist antibiotics when a person with a bacterial infection stops taking the antibiotics as soon as they start to feel better without finishing the full course of the medicine. Please finish your entire prescription unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

At home and at school, wash your hands regularly, especially before eating or after using the bathroom. Encourage hand washing in everyone as upper respiratory infections are often passed when people touch each other after touching their noses. Handle food wisely. Don't share eating utensils or cups. Don't share personal care items like a toothbrush or razor. Also, clean injuries well with soap and water.
If we all pull together and follow this advice, we can ultimately curb the rise in infectious diseases.

contract updates
Negotiations update
Two Unit B negotiation sessions are scheduled for March 19 and April 2. The Unit C negotiating team will be selected soon and begin meeting in April. The Unit A negotiating team has been selected and will hold their first meeting on March 26. The team will be co- chaired by Louise Coggeshall of DeValles and Marjorie Costa of NBHS. Team members are Dave Beaulieu, West Side; Nancy Crowell, Roosevelt; Mary Lou Tavares, PRAB School Psychologist; Norman Frechette, NBHS; Andrea Curtis, Parker, and Jean Duval, nbea (non- voting member).

Retirement incentive

For Unit A members, according to Article VII, page 9, you must give written notice to the superintendent on or before April 1, 1998. For Unit B members, according to Article IV, page 3, you must give written notice to the superintendent on or before April 30, 1998. All retirement questions should be directed to Mary Gillmore at the MTA Raynham office on Rt. 44. She will be available from 9:00 am. to 1:00 pm on the third and fourth Saturday of every month.


By April 1, Unit A members must submit a letter in writing declaring their involuntary transfer status to the personnel officer. All in-building transfers must be completed by April 15. The March meeting of Faculty Representatives will be devoted to explaining the transfer language. Please note that this meeting date must be changed to March 30, due to a negotiating team meeting conflict.

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A point to remember
"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said."

March 1998

nbea protocol
nbea scholarship information and policy
At the beginning of April, applications for the nbea scholarship will be sent to the New Bedford High School guidance offices. Applications will also be available at the nbea office at this time. All completed applications must be returned to the nbea office by the close of business on the first Friday in May. Awardees will be selected within one week after the application due date. Guidelines for Type A, Type B and Christa McAuliffe scholarships follow.
Type A scholarships are awarded only to graduating high school seniors who have been certified as relatives of current members of the nbea. Awardees are determined according to the adjusted percentile class rank verified by a transcript. The application must be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from an accredited college.
Type B scholarships are awarded only to graduating high school seniors who have been certified as relatives of current members of the nbea. Awardees are drawn by random lottery. The application must be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from an accredited post-secondary educational institution.
The Christa McA uliffe scholarship is awarded only to a graduating senior at New Bedford High School who intends to enter the field of education. The awardee is determined according to the highest percentile class rank verified by a transcript. The application must be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from an accredited college.
Scholarships are paid directly to awardees upon their presentation of a receipted bill for tuition payment.
Eligible students may apply for both an nbea scholarship and the Christa McAuliffe scholarship, but may be awarded only one.

dental news

Because dental deductions have pre-tax status, the city will no longer allow cancellations except on our anniversary date, July 1. If you wish to cancel, please call the dental line at 992-9453, leaving your name and school. Forms will be sent to you which must be completed and returned to nbea no later than April 27. Your deductions will end in June.
This procedure is for cancellations only. All other changes, including new enrollees, will continue to be made in September. New rates will be announced as soon as they are available.