Product                                            Inventor                                        Date
=======                                          ========                                      =====

Air conditioning unit                       Frederick M. Jones                                 1949
Almanac                                       Benjamin Banneker                                  1791
Auto cut-off switch                       Granville T. Woods                                  1839
Auto fishing devise                        G. Cook                                                  1899
Automatic gear shift                      Richard Spikes                                         1932
Baby buggy                                 W.H. Richardson                                      1899
Bicycle frame                               L.R. Johnson                                            1899
Biscuit cutter                                A.P. Ashbourne                                       1875
Blood plasma bag                        Charles Drew                                           1945
Cellular phone                              Henry T. Sampson                                   1971
Chamber commode                      T. Elkins                                                  1897
Clothes dryer                               G. T. Sampson                                         1862
Curtain rod                                  S. R. Scratton                                           1889
Curtain rod support                      William S. Grant                                       1896
Door knob                                   O. Dorsey                                                1878
Door stop                                    O. Dorsey                                                1878
Dust pan                                      Lawrence P. Ray                                      1897
Egg beater                                   Willie Johnson                                          1884
Electric lampbulb                         Lewis Latimer                                           1882
Elevator                                      Alexander Miles                                        1867
Eye protector                              P. Johnson                                                1880
Fire escape ladder                       J. W. Winters                                           1878
Fire extinguisher                          T. Marshall                                               1872
Folding bed                                 L. C. Bailey                                              1899
Folding chair                               Brody & Surgwar                                     1889
Fountain pen                               W. B. Purvis                                             1890
Furniture caster                           O. A. Fisher                                              1878
Gas mask                                   Garrett Morgan                                         1914
Golf tee                                      T. Grant                                                    1899
Guitar                                         Robert F. Flemming, Jr.                             1886
Hand stamp                               Walter B. Purvis                                         1883
Horse shoe                                J. Ricks                                                     1885
Ice cream scooper                    A. L. Cralle                                                1897
Improv. sugar making                Norbet Rillieux                                           1846
Insect-destroyer gun                 A. C. Richard                                             1899
Ironing board                            Sarah Boone                                              1887
Key chain                                 F. J. Loudin                                                1894
Lantern                                    Michael C. Harvey                                     1884
Lawn mower                             L. A. Burr                                                 1889
Lawn sprinkler                          J. W. Smith                                               1897
Lemon squeezer                        J. Thomas White                                        1893
Lubricating cup                         Ellijah McCoy                                            1895
Lunch pail                                 James Robinson                                         1887
Mail box                                  Paul L. Downing                                        1891
Mop                                        Thomas W. Stewart                                   1893
Motor                                      Frederick M. Jones                                    1939
Peanut butter                            George Washington Carver                        1896
Pencil sharpener                       J. L. Love                                                  1897
Phone transmitter                     Granville T. Woods                                    1884
Record player arm                   Joseph Hunger Dickenson                          1819
Refrigerator                             J. Standard                                                 1891
Riding saddles                         W. D. Davis                                               1895
Rolling pin                               John W. Reed                                            1864
Shampoo headrest                  C. O. Bailiff                                                1898
Spark plug                              Edmond Berger                                          1839
Stove                                      T. A. Carrington                                         1876
Straightening comb                  Madam C. J. Walker                                  1905
Street sweeper                        Charles B. Brooks                                      1890
Thermostat control                   Frederick M. Jones                                    1960
Traffic light                              Garrett Morgan                                          1923
Tricycle                                   M. A. Cherry                                             1886
Typewriter                               Burridge & Marshman                               1885

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