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Theory of Action

IF the NBPS focuses on and persists in expecting, developing, supervising, and evaluating educators’ capacity to deliver rigorous and engaging instruction that is:

  • Aligned to state standards

  • Monitored so student progress in attaining those standards reaches to a level of proficiency

  • Adjusted and differentiated so that all students will be supported and stretched to make progress

  • Evidence of student learning is demonstrated every day in every classroom in every school
THEN student achievement will significantly increase in each New Bedford school and in the New Bedford Public Schools as a district.
Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to developing a community of learners who are academically proficient, demonstrate strong character and exhibit self confidence.

As whalers’ oil provided light to the world, so shall New Bedford students shine with academic excellence.

New Bedford Public Schools Convocation
Dr. Pia Durkin, Superintendent

New Bedford High School Draft Turnaround Plan (Abridged)

New Bedford High School Draft Turnaround Plan


Educators Discussion Panel

Notice to the Community

New Bedford Public Schools intends to apply for 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Out of School Time funding for the
DeValles Elementary School.

Grant RFP

Congratulations !!!

New Bedford High School: Blue House 90%
Middle school: Roosevelt Middle School 94%
Elementary Schools: Kempton and Winslow 96%

  Congratulations to all of our students and staff!
This is a great accomplishment and everyone should be proud!
Let’s keep up the momentum for March!

Attend School!
Stay in School!


New Bedford Public Schools is working in collaboration with the staff of Riverside Trauma Center. The center helps local communities, schools, government agencies, healthcare and human services providers, and workplaces cope with the emotional aftermath of traumatic events such as natural disasters, accidents, suicides, or homicides. We have consulted with them in the past, and are appreciative that Riverside’s trauma-response professionals stand ready to provide “psychological first aid” to individuals and organizations affected after a tragedy. read more

Keeping our children safe ( English )
Keeping our children safe ( Portuguese )
Keeping our children safe ( Spanish)

Following are some resources you may find helpful:

MA DESE Safe and Healthy Learning Environments
Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools
US Dept. of Education Safe and Supportive Schools
US Dept. of Education Safe Supportive Learning

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